Club Rides

WHEN: Saturday January 25 2020 @ 9:30AM (KSU)

WHERE: Boulders OHV/Mile Markers Riding Area

We have another great club ride planned for you. This one is at the Boulders OHV Area or what most people call the Mile Markers. We have about a 30 mile loop planned. There are some sand washes, lots of whoops, a couple of mountains and all kinds of fun stuff. We are going to do a little B/C split where you can ride a little single track if you want to. Should be fun for the whole family.
To get there you go down I-17 to Carefree Highway/ Highway 74. This is also the exit for Lake Pleasant. Go west towards Wickenburg 19 miles. Watch the green mile marker signs on the road (that’s where the nickname comes from). When you see mile marker 12, start paying attention. You will cross over a little bridge and right after the bridge is the turnoff for the Boulders OHV Staging Area on your right. Turn on the main dirt road and go about a mile. You will see a restroom building on your left. Keep going all the way around the restroom building to your left, that’s where I will be camped and that is where we are staging from. You can also come through Wickenburg if you want. Just google Boulders OHV Area for directions.
Let’s be ready to ride at 9:30. We will have a BBQ lunch afterwards like always.
If anyone wants to camp out I will be down there all weekend. There are tons of areas to explore and hundreds of miles of trails. It is a beautiful area and the weather and dirt should be perfect. Just watch out for the jumping cholla. They are not your friend and they will let you know it.
Hope to see a good turnout. Should be a fun ride!